Arkansas Coaching Search- The “Don’t Be Surprised” List

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If things don't go well for the Arkansas coaching search the Hogs might have to lower their expectations. This is a list of guys who are "Don’t Be Surprised" candidates; good coaches who may be lower on the radar right now. Mark Dantonio from Michigan State has made an irrelevant program relevant contending for Big Ten titles. Butch Davis has been out of coaching for a few years but had a lot of success at North Carolina and Miami. However he's prone to bring NCAA investigations. And what about everyone’s favorite local boy Gus Malzahn? Bo Mattingly from Sports Talk Radio give his take on all three.

Bo on Mark Dantonio:

“I'm told Jeff Long has felt great from the beginning about the depth of this pool of candidates. Don't be surprised if you get to a guy in Mark Dantonio who's nobody's slouch. This guy can coach at Michigan State. He's done it with less talent. He's made them relevant. He's played in big bowl games. I think Arkansas could get him.”

Bo on Butch Davis:

“Don't be surprised it Butch Davis gets in the mix. He's got some clouds that hang over him a little bit. But there's nothing from an NCAA perspective that Arkansas would be kept from getting him. There's no repercussions there. I don't think you're on the NCAA radar and I think he would do very well in putting together a staff and competing in the SEC. Those who know football say Butch Davis knows how to coach and he has Arkansas ties."

Bo on Gus Malzahn:

“As does Gus Malzahn. Malzahn might not be in the right timing here. He has only had almost one year of head coaching experience. I think it makes people a little bit gun-shy but I think he would do well if given the chance at Arkansas. Don't be surprised if it goes far enough and he makes the list of candidates."