Springdale Businesses Scammed Immigrants, Lawsuit Claims

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Two Springdale businesses are under fire after the state says they falsely promised immigration help to customers.

The Arkansas Attorney General’s Office filed a lawsuit in Washington County Circuit Court against GYS Investments and Sonia’s Tax Services, Dustin McDaniel’s office said Thursday.

The lawsuit claims the businesses offered to process applications for permanent residency for customers under the DREAM Act, an immigration reform act that was proposed by Congress but never enacted.

Since the act was never enacted, it carries no force of law, meaning the businesses offered help to customers by citing a law that does not exist, according to a statement released by McDaniel’s office.

The businesses’ actions could lead to deportation proceedings or criminal charges against those the businesses promised to help, according to the statement.

The attorney general’s office asked the court to prevent GYS and Sonia’s Tax Services from advertising any more immigration services and order them to pay restitution to those who were affected.