Singing Men of Arkansas Bring Holiday Songs to Bentonville

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The Singing Men of Arkansas bring the sounds of the season in the first in a series of concerts in Bentonville.

"Always loved men's music and men singing as a choir, well prepared and knowing what they are doing,” said Mike Bedford, musical director. “There's nothing that compares."

The concert titled, Home for Christmas, filled the Arend Arts center in Bentonville with Christmas spirit.

"This is a special group of men, we've been doing this for five years and they work harder than anyone I know," Bedford said.

It has musical talent ranging from vocal to instrumental.

"I've been playing since I was 10 and discovered pretty soon after to play that really that's where my talent was," said pianist Jonathan Story.

Story said its members do it for the love of music and the group has expanded.

“Originally when I first got in it was about 30-35,” Story said. “It's up to 50 now and we just continue to attract great talent and great people."

Kara Story, who has a solo in the concert and is Jonathan’s wife, said the men come from all walks of life.

"They are very diverse so many different personalities but music brings so many people together from different backgrounds, religions," Kara said.

The concerts also bring ballet dancers. The singing men hope to keep growing and sharing their passion with others in the years to come.

"We've toured Ireland, we've toured the Bahamas, we've toured the prisons in Oklahoma. We look forward to a lot of great things," Bedford said.

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