Fayetteville Half Marathon Street Closures

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On Sunday, Dec. 9, Fayetteville will be hosting the Fayetteville Half Marathon which will force the city to redirect traffic and close several roads temporarily.

The following will be closed temporarily for the times provided:

7:30 – 9:00am:  Razorback from Meadow to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard

7:45am-9:00am: Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard (both west bound lanes) from Razorback to Garland

7:45-9:15am:  Stadium from Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to Clinton

7:45-8:30am:  Virginia

7:45-9:00am:  Clinton from Bulldog to Stadium

7:45-9:30am:  Leroy Pond

7:45-9:30am:  Stadium from Clinton to Maple

8:00-11:30am:  Maple from Razorback to Garland

8:00-9:00am:  Garland from Maple to just south of Drake intersection

8:00-9:30am:  Garland from Maple to just south of N. Maxwell

8:00-10:30am:  Garland from Maple intersection to Hickory

8:00-9:30am:  Bel Air from Garland to Oakland

8:00-9:45am:  Oakland from Bel Air to Sycamore

8:00-10:45am:  Sycamore from Oakland to Scull Creek Trail head on Sycamore

8:00-11:00am:  Scull Creek Trail from Sycamore to Maple

8:00-11:00am:  Hickory from Garland to Oakland

8:00-11:00am:  Oakland from Hickory to Sycamore

8:00-11:00am:  Gregg from Maple to Dickson

8:00-11:00am:  Dickson from Gregg to Arkansas Avenue

8:00-11:00am:  Arkansas Avenue (west side of boulevard) from Dickson to Maple

8:00-11:00am:  Campus Drive (in front of Old Main)

8:00-11:30am:  Maple from Wilson to Storer

8:00-11:30am:  Dickson from S. Campus Drive to Garland

9:00-11:30am:  Garland from Dickson to Maple

7am-Noon:   Meadow between Stadium and Razorback

7:00am-Noon:  Razorback from Maple to north of Center, but south of Meadow

For race information and maps, please visit www.fayettevillehalf.com.