Fayetteville Business Offers Wisconsin Style Christmas Trees

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For the last 25 years, a business called "Wisconsin Tree Farms" has been standing tall along College Avenue in Fayetteville.

Not many businesses stick around that long, especially a seasonal one.

Warren Latzig grows the cash crop back home in Merrill, Wisconsin.

"We grow our own trees and bring down fresh stuff instead of cutting them down early.  We try to keep them fresh and cover them up so they're not sitting out in the sun."

Local families come back for a Wisconsin tree year after year.

Warren's been in business so long that many of the customers remember buying a Wisconsin tree with their dad many years ago.

"It's been 25 years we've been down here. The weather is nice down here and people are nice. It's a nice place to come."

A crew of three lives out of the camper, and they're open until a week before Christmas.

You can also get fresh handmade wreaths.

Pick your favorite, and they'll bag it, and tie it down to your four wheeled sleigh.

"Are there some duds that you don't even bring?  Well some trees that I don't like that I think is bad.. some people love it. Some people want a Charlie Brown tree.  People have different tastes so you have to bring a little of everything down."

In the summer, you'd be puttering around at Gator Golf, but now the animals are taking a back seat to Santa and his tree cutting elves.

Warren admits he'd probably make more money selling trees in Chicago, but he's found a pre-holiday home in Northwest Arkansas.