Fayetteville A&P Agrees on $500,000 for UA Performace Arts Facility

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The Fayetteville Advertising & Promotions Commission on Monday (Dec. 10) unanimously voted to spend $500,000 to help the University of Arkansas convert its historic field house into a performance arts facility.

The university had asked the A&P Commission for $1 million, payable over three years, to help convert the field house. The $500,000 amount will be allocated in two payments.

Chancellor G. David Gearhart said Monday the university is “very pleased” with the vote.

“Their commitment of $500,000 is tremendous,” he said.

Justin Tennant, a Fayetteville alderman and A&P commissioner, said the dollar amount represents a justifiable compromise.

“In our situation, I think it’s good to come up with that middle ground compromise there where we look at the value of the university one way, but also we have to absolutely justify the value of this one project and that didn’t quite justify the full amount.”

Gearhart first mentioned plans to retrofit the 1930s field house at a meeting of the Walton Arts Center Council in February.

A letter the chancellor wrote to the commission in the summer outlined plans for the field house’s new life, calling it “a stunning 700-seat, state-of-the-art venue for musical and theatrical performances.”  He estimated a cost of $17 million. The A&P’s contribution would go toward offsetting construction costs, which would aid in the project’s timely progress, he said. Click here to read the full story from our partners at TheCityWire.com.