Three Hartford Residents Arrested in Drug Bust

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Three Hartford residents were arrested Monday accused of dealing prescription drugs.

Paula Guess of Hartford, 41, and James Shackleford of Hartford, 45, were arrested on multiple prescription drug possession charges.

Johnny Shackleford, 43, was arrested on multiple possession charges, including possession with intent to deliver and maintaining a premise’s for drug sales.

Deputies executed a search warrant on the Shackleford home on Bache Street Monday, according to Investigator Philip Pevehouse. On the way to the home, the Shacklefords left the home in two separate vehicles. The men were followed and pulled over by officers.

Investigators found prescription pills packaged for distribution during the traffic stop.

The Shacklefords and Guess were arrested at the scene. An assortment of pain pills including Valium, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, and Xanax, were found at the home on Bache Street, Pevehouse said.

Agents of the 12th/21st Drug Task Force began investigating the trio a month ago.

The task force includes members of the Barling Police Department, Greenwood Police Department, and the Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office.