Bomb Squad Disables Pipe Bomb That Cleared Out City Hall

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The Bentonville Bomb Squad disabled a pipe bomb Thursday afternoon that led to the evacuation of Harrison’s City Hall.

When two men in Harrison discovered a pipe bomb in the home they were moving into, they drove to City Hall to give the device to police.

Harrison police evacuated City Hall and called the Bentonville Bomb Squad when they discovered the pipe bomb was in the men’s car, said Russell Hinds, bomb squad commander.

Nearby roads were also blocked off.

The squad responded to the call at about 12:45 p.m. and was on-scene for about an hour. Bomb squad members eventually disabled the pipe bomb using a water cannon, Hinds said.

No one was injured, but Hinds said the bomb had the potential to go off while the men were moving it from their home to the police station.

Harrison police are investigating the origins of the pipe bomb, Hinds said.