Local Business Creates Brighter Christmas for Bentonville Family

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A company called "At Your Service" installs Christmas lights.

Every year, they do a few charity jobs for a family who really needs a lift.

This year, they chose the Symons family of Bentonville.

Beth and Scott's daughter, Sara, was killed in a car accident in 2011.

"She was very kind and very caring. She was the best daughter that any parent could ever ask for. She was very giving and very honest. She was the light of our world."

It seems fitting that blue Christmas lights would be in the tree out front, and now all over the house thanks to "At Your Service."

Blue was Sara's favorite color.

Joel McDonald with "At Your Service" said, "None of us on the crew knew her specifically, but we knew about the story. For months we saw the SS on every car. It seemed like the entire community knew what that meant."

It meant that an entire community was in mourning.

Sara's tragic loss was tough on her friends and classmates, but it's even harder for her parents.

Sara was their only child. Her parents describe her as an "amazing young lady."

Beth and Scott would like people to remember Sara as a girl who loved her family and loved life.

She had just been named to the Bentonville High Homecoming Court when she passed away.

Her dad said, "The very last thing she ever tweeted before her accident was 'So, So, So happy!' It's what I think everybody should be doing. Be happy with the people you're with and just enjoy life."

Enjoying life has been tough on the Symons family for the last few months, but they're certain that their angel, Sara, can see the blue lights from heaven.