Grandma Makes Snow Angel in Bathing Suit

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A Sebastian County grandmother made a snow angel on Christmas in her bathing suit.

“Maybe the heat of the moment, you don't notice the cold,” said Madge Peugh.

Peugh is 73-years-old. She started making snow angels in her bathing suit four years ago. Peugh wanted to make her grandkids laugh.

“This year when it snowed again I thought hmmm we need to start a tradition,” she said. “When it snows on Christmas do snow angels.”

Peugh’s husband, Larry, snapped I-pix outside their Sebastian County home on Christmas Day. “Well, this is not the first crazy thing she's done,” said Larry.

Peugh enjoys practical jokes. “Our whole life is mostly a joke,” said Larry. “We're cutting up at one another all the time. It's great. I wouldn't want it any other way.”

Peugh wants to make their 20 plus grandkids laugh. “Most of them think I'm a little off and my mother told me before she passed away that I would never grow up,” she said.

Peugh says she only spent about five minutes outside in the snow. Afterward, she went inside and took a hot bath.

Peugh says she will make snow angels in her bathing suit again if it snows on Christmas.