Hutchinson Searches For Experts on School Safety and Firearms Training

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It's been a week since the National Rifle Association announced it wants armed guards in every school.

The new director is former Arkansas Congressman Asa Hutchinson.

Rogers resident and former Republican Congressman, Asa Hutchinson, named a week ago as director of the National School Shield Program, calling for armed guards in every school.

Since then, Hutchinson has been assembling experts on school safety and firearms training.

“I've got just a whole slew of volunteers, school superintendents, security experts in schools all volunteering saying hey we want to help you with this incredibly important project.  From California to Maine I've had volunteers offering their assistance in it," said Hutchinson.

These experts will also collaborate on how to assemble the best training program.

“But also looking at access controls, looking at the layout and the architecture of our schools.  What can we do more to enhance school safety from this point forward,” said Hutchinson.

Hutchinson said he would like to have a model program that can be tweaked rather than every school reinventing its security plan.

“One-third of schools right now have an armed trained guard participating in their security, how about the other two-thirds.  They are all looking at when funding has been cut back, who's going to pay for this, how are we going to have the program, what kind of training is needed, we hope to provide those answers," explained Hutchinson.

Critics say an armed guard on campuses is too expensive.

Since the Connecticut school shooting, some have called for a ban on certain firearms and on magazines that hold a large number of rounds.

“Whenever we look at safety issues, when we had an assaults weapon ban, you had Columbine happen, so that's not the answer in ensuring school safety,” said Hutchinson.

Hutchison said he hopes to have a plan in place in the next four months.