Staying Healthy During Winter Months

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Old man winter is here and so are the sniffles and sore throats. Doctors say there are some things people can do to stay healthy this winter.

“Something you can do is just staying hydrated, lots of fluids, keeping your intake at an adequate level,” said Dr. Michael Callaway, a family physician at Cooper Clinic Fianna Hills Family Practice in Fort Smith.

Callaway says heaters can sometimes dry out the air in homes during the winter.

“Symptomatically it just makes you feel maybe a little bit stuffier, you're skin's a little bit drier,” said Callaway.

Doctors recommend a cool mist humidifier. “If you keep the humidifier in the living areas during the day time and maybe in the bedroom areas at night, that will make sure that you’re getting the maximum efficiency from your humidifier,” said Callaway.

For dry skin doctors say drink plenty of fluid, avoid long hot baths, and use moisturizer.

“The dermatologist will typically recommend cooler, briefer showers and baths and just a good moisturizers like Lubriderm or Eucerin is a good idea,” said Callaway.

If you have a blood pressure problem, Callaway says consult a physician before taking a decongestant.

Definitely see a doctor if you develop flu symptoms like body aches and fever.

If you just have a cold, Callaway recommends taking Tylenol, Advil, vitamins, and getting plenty of rest.