LIVE BLOG: Friday Afternoon Snow

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A band of light snow will move across the entire area Friday afternoon with minor accumulations. Temperatures are expected to be near freezing which could cause travel impacts. This “LIVE BLOG” will be active on Friday throughout the duration of the event. 

Garrett Lewis December 28, 20125:28 pm

The snow and wintry mix has moved east of the area and no additional accumulation is expected overnight.

Garrett Lewis December 28, 20124:14 pm

Snow is now ending in Fayetteville

Garrett Lewis December 28, 20124:09 pm

AHTD still showing only slush on roads in NWA… primarily Hwy 412 and Hwy 59

Garrett Lewis December 28, 20124:08 pm

There’s been much more rain than snow in the River Valley due to higher temperatures in the upper 30s. Best chance to get anything to accumulate will be right as the snow is ending

Garrett Lewis December 28, 20124:06 pm

Snow is now over in Sallisaw… ending in Fort Smith within 30min

Garrett Lewis December 28, 20124:02 pm

Centerton picked up a quick inch out of this. iPIX from Dustin Wilson

Garrett Lewis December 28, 20123:59 pm

Travis and Ashley cloud sent this iPIX in from Bentonville around 14th street.

Garrett Lewis December 28, 20123:57 pm

For those just joining the LIVE BLOG… we expect the snow to be over around 6pm and moving east of Russellville at that time.

Snow could be heavy for about 30 or 45min as this small disturbance moves across there area. Could see some flurries for an hour or two.

At most, this system has dropped around 2″… although the average totals are around 1/2 to 1″.

It hasn’t been sticking to roads well due to the time of day and high volume of traffic. It is expected to cause slick bridges and overpasses while the event is underway.

No additional snow is expected overnight.

Temperatures are hovering near freezing which is preventing widespread traffic problems at the moment.

Snow is all but over now in Bentonville. Could see a flurry or two for next hour.

Garrett Lewis December 28, 20123:53 pm

iCam on top of the broadcast tower in downtown Fort Smith showing rain mixing snow.

Back edge of snow just now leaving Sallisaw

Garrett Lewis December 28, 20123:49 pm

Slush covered roads reporting on Hwy 412 and 59 in NWA in vicinity of Siloam Springs

Garrett Lewis December 28, 20123:48 pm

Heavy, wet snow falling in Van Buren, AR. iPIX via Leslie Polk

Garrett Lewis December 28, 20123:44 pm

For what it’s worth… these little disturbances called “shortwaves” are not big in scale and usually not handled well by computer model simulations.

Sometimes when you wake up to snow in the winter time or a “surprise snow” it’s because a quick shortwave like this moves through and dumps a fast inch or two before hauling out of the area.

Garrett Lewis December 28, 20123:40 pm

Snow is over in Bella Vista… Seems like most locations are only seeing the snow for about 30-45min as the band moves in

Garrett Lewis December 28, 20123:39 pm

At least an inch in Cincinatti, AR iPIX via Kristy Cotner

Garrett Lewis December 28, 20123:33 pm

Looks like Siloam Springs picked up a quick 1-2″ iPIX via Graham Beer

Garrett Lewis December 28, 20123:31 pm

At the moment… AHTD is reporting all roads as clear.

Garrett Lewis December 28, 20123:30 pm

Down to 30 in Fayetteville… should see some road issues across much of Benton and Washington Co just as the snow is ending.

Snow is ending right now in Siloam Springs

Garrett Lewis December 28, 20123:27 pm

Right now in Springdale iPIX via Jason Riley

Garrett Lewis December 28, 20123:18 pm

It’s 40 in Fort Smith… much of it will melt fast in the River Valley and fall as a mix or melt on contact with ground

Garrett Lewis December 28, 20123:17 pm

It’s 30 in Rogers and 31 in Bentonville… plenty cold enough for it to stick on the roads.

32 in Fayetteville and 34 in Springdale… probably slushy or melting on roads.

Garrett Lewis December 28, 20123:02 pm

Snow sticking to everything in Bella Vista. iPix via Brad Berryman

Garrett Lewis December 28, 20123:00 pm

Another very heavy band is moving across Sallisaw and NW Crawford Co

Garrett Lewis December 28, 20122:57 pm

Important to note that temperatures are above freezing across much of the area so road impacts will be minimal.

The air above our heads aloft is VERY COLD and is the reason for the snow.

Garrett Lewis December 28, 20122:56 pm

Rogers iCam showing huge drop in visibility… snow sticking to grass and some of the roads too. Heaviest in Benton Co will end in about 45min

Garrett Lewis December 28, 20122:55 pm

From the Walmart Home Office via Twitter @laurene1126

Garrett Lewis December 28, 20122:45 pm

Within the heavier bands in Oklahoma… a quick 1-2″ have been reported with some of the heavier snow bursts. Most of us will see only minor accumulations

Garrett Lewis December 28, 20122:36 pm

Ipix From Rob B in Decatur… very heavy snow currently falling

Garrett Lewis December 28, 20122:34 pm

Looks like all of the snow will be east of Russellville by 5:30pm or 6pm.

This looks to be only a 2 1/2 to 3hr event

Garrett Lewis December 28, 20122:29 pm

Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for our area until 6pm. Minor accumulations are likely and some locations could receive and inch or more of snow while other see trace amounts to nothing