Lost Engagement Ring Returned By Good Samaritan

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A Farmington bride-to-be lost her engagement ring at the Kohl’s in Fayetteville. Haley Moore remembers leaving it near the bathroom sink after washing her hands.

"He proposed to me with this ring and this one means more to me than any other ring," Moore said with tears in her eyes.

Moore sat on her couch in her Farmington home holding on to her engagement ring. She thought she was never going to see it again.

The Good Samaritan’s name is Janice. She didn't want to give her last name or be interviewed. Janice said she found the ring at the bottom of her Kohl's shopping bag and said she just wanted to do the right thing.

Moore and her fiancé Alan Noe became engaged Easter 2012. He proposed after gathering Easter eggs with their two children Brently, 20 months, and baby Rylan, four months.

"Alan pulled one out of his pocket and he was like, ‘this one is for mom’ and I shook it,” Moore said. “I thought it was probably money. He opened it and it was my ring."

On Dec. 14 Moore panicked and realized she left her ring at Kohl’s. A customer turned it in to a cashier, but before Moore could reclaim her ring, the cashier lost it.  

"She put it on her finger... and well apparently it went into someone's bag," Moore said.  

It was lost a second time and Kohl’s was ready to buy her a new one. It could have been in one of the hundreds of shopping bags given out that day.

"I started crying again of course, it was a very emotional day," Moore said.

Moore received a phone call on Christmas Eve that transformed her sadness into happiness.

"My heart sank to the floor,” Moore said. “I was so excited that somebody found it."

Moore met Janice in Prairie Grove.

"I hugged her and said, 'you have no idea how thankful I am for you,'" Moore said.

The Farmington couple are high school sweethearts and the thought of being without this ring is unbearable for Moore.

"I don't ever take it off. I will wash my hands with it on," Moore said.

Moore said it was a miracle and said Janice is an example that there are still honest and amazing people around.

The couple plans to get married in July 2013 at the Farmington United Methodist Church.