Flue Fire At 3-Story House Forces Lowell Family From Home

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A Lowell family was forced out of their home for the night following a flue fire at their three-story house on Tuesday night.

The Lowell Fire Department responded to a call at about 5:30 p.m. of a possible chimney fire on Colvin Place. The family had evacuated the home after they saw flames from a flue fire and the house filled with smoke, according to the fire department.

Crews arrived on scene and raised a ladder over the chimney before dropping water onto the fire. The fire was declared under control, and the house sustained no major damage.

The Bethel Heights Fire Department also responded to the scene.

Lowell Assistant Fire Chief Don Harkins said this isn't the first flue fire they've responded to at this residence.

Harkins said it was caused by the accumulation of creosote and advices to clean this at least once a year.

"The creosote gets so hot that if you don't get to it quick, it will extend to the sorrounding construction, typically wood framing construction," Harkins said. "Once it gets into the attic portion, it becomes a real problem."

No one was injured, and family members said they would stay at a friend’s home for the night.