Benton County Man Bags State Record Buck

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Philip Carter is the proud new owner of a Buckmasters state record deer. The antlers scored 192 and six eighths.

Carter has been hunting deer since he was 12 but he never bagged a big buck like this before.

"It's amazing, amazing I never... you dream about shooting 'em but you never think it's gonna happen unless you pay $10,000 and go kill one," Carter said. "It doesn't happen up here too often."

It's never happened before in Arkansas, Carter established a new state record with a compound bow. How did he set the record? He said he was patient.

"He came out at 60 yards, and I can shoot that no problem. I was gonna shoot at 60 and I let him get in to 25, which is a chip shot with a bow, for me anyways."

Fishermen have their favorite fishin’ holes; deer hunters have their favorites too. Carter had no desire to give up his favorite spot.

"Benton County, somewhere in Benton County, in Highfill city limits which is a big area."

You might call Philip Carter a reluctant celebrity; since he bagged the state record buck on December 30th he's received more than a little notoriety.

"Ahhh, it could be a curse people calling you, texting you, wanting to know everything but it's nice. I shut my phone off, battery dies before noon every day."

Philip says his wife is understanding but he's spent his last day in the deer stand, at least for this season anyway.

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