Police: Man Robbed Employer in Company Jacket

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A Winslow man faces charges of commercial burglary and theft of property after police said he broke into his place of employment and stole money.

Kenneth Manning, 39, was booked into the Washington County Detention Center on Friday night and released on $2,500 bond Saturday afternoon, according to the Sheriff’s Department website. Manning has a Feb. 4 court date.

A preliminary police report said Springdale police responded to a burglary alarm Dec. 29 at Kimball & Thompson Produce on Shady Grove Road. When officers arrived, they found someone had broken out a light above the front door with a brick and then used the brick to break out a window on the front door, the report said.

Company officials said an envelope containing cash was missing and the envelope was kept hidden in a filing cabinet, the report said. Only employees would know that, the report said.

The report said management reviewed security video and noticed the suspect broke in wearing a jacket with a Kimble & Thompson name tag on it. In the video, the suspect went directly to the cabinet and turned his face away from the surveillance camera, the report said.

The report said management officials reviewed video from earlier in the day and found one of their employees, identified as Manning, wore the same colored clothes as the break-in suspect. Company officials told police that Manning had not returned to work since the robbery but called Thursday to say he had been ill the previous three days.

The report said the officer who viewed the tape on Thursday confirmed that Manning wore the same clothes during the day that the break-in suspect did.

The report did not specify how much cash was stolen.

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