McDaniel Staying in Governor’s Race

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A candidate for Arkansas governor admits to having an affair, but says he will stay in the race. Tuesday Democrat Dustin McDaniel talked to the media about what he called an “inappropriate relationship” and his future in politics.

“I made a mistake for which I have taken and continue to take responsibility,” said Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel.

McDaniel talked to the media Tuesday about his relationship with a Hot Springs lawyer. “I allowed a lapse of character and judgment to hurt my family, my friends, and my reputation,” said McDaniel.

The candidate says he met attorney Andrea L. Davis in 2010. He admits to having an “inappropriate relationship” with her.

“There is no other shoe to drop,” said McDaniel. “There are no other women.”

McDaniel apologized to his wife at Tuesday’s press conference. “She’s an amazing and wonderful woman who has done nothing to deserve the pain that I have caused her,” he said.

So far McDaniel is the only announced democratic candidate for governor in the 2014 race.

One Republican told 5NEWS the affair could hurt McDaniel at the polls, but believes it is too early to tell.

“I don’t think it helps, but I’m not sure that it’s enough to really end you know someone’s campaign,” said Senator-Elect Jon Woods (R-Springdale).

Some democrats believe the affair will not affect the election.

“I think people can look past personal mistakes,” said Matthew Olson, a Sebastian County Democrat.  “I mean everyone makes mistakes.”

McDaniel says he is focusing on his career and serving Arkansans.

Rogers attorney and former Republican Congressman Asa Hutchinson announced last week he also plans to run for governor in 2014.