‘Mom 2 Bee’ Finds Surprise Discount on Check

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You may remember the story out of California where a waiter was suspended after using the phrase “fat girls” on a receipt to describe his table of customers.

But now a receipt from a North Carolina Red Robin is making headlines for a positive reason.

A man and his very pregnant and overdue wife got a pleasant surprise when they cashed out at their local Red Robin, according to a report from consumerist.com.

The manager had deducted $11.50 from the check and essentially comped the pregnant woman’s meal.

“He was extremely friendly and jokingly asked my wife if this was her last meal before heading to the hospital,” the father-to-be told the Consumerist.

On the receipt next to the discount was a note from the manager that read: “MOM 2 BEE GOOD LUC.”