Clean Up Begins At Calico County

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The clean up process is under way at a family restaurant in Fort Smith that caught fire late last year.

Calico County partner Scott Blair said an investigation determined the fire was caused by cleaning rags that "self-combusted" in a hamper near the restaurant's laundry room. The damage is estimated at about one million dollars.

Blair hopes the restaurant will be back in business by mid-summer.

Calico County will remain in its current location on So. 56th Street near Rogers Avenue. Blair says they plan to reopen with the same look, feel and home cooking that people will remember.

The restaurant's 60 employees were without work following the fire. As part of the restaurant's insurance coverage, employees will continue to receive their hourly and salary wages until the restaurant reopens.

“From day one we’ve always operated with the philosophy that we were going to be properly insured to not only take care of property but also our employees,” said Blair.

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