Flu Cases Spike in NWA

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The Northwest Family Care Clinic in Rogers is seeing more and more people walk through the doors with the flu.

“I've seen maybe about 20 cases so far this week," said Dr. Majorie Edwards. "It's a lot, a lot of people are getting it. It's increased, it's definitely increased, I think this year has been the worst I've seen so far."

Currently all Walgreens locations in Northwest Arkansas are experiencing a shortage or are out of flu shots.

Both the Washington and Benton County Health Departments have flu shots.

Dr. Edwards says Northwest Family Care Clinic also has plenty vaccines and if you don’t want to get sick, get the flu shot.

"A lot of people don't know that they need to get the flu shot, even though we broadcast it every year, it's a big thing," she said. "The season is coming from Spring to Spring, the flu is ramped but a lot of people forget."

There are also preventative steps you can take.

“I think more it starts with washing your hands and if you have a family member that has the flu, stay away from them, not to quarantine them or anything just prevention like walking around with hand sanitizer, if they're coughing they need to cough in their sleeve,” explained Dr. Edwards.

There`s a difference in symptoms that people are experiencing this year from years past.

“Now, I`m seeing a lot of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea associated with it which wasn't last year,” said Dr. Edwards.

Nurse Brandi Gunn said the flu usually starts in January but this year it`s started months early.

“I am surprised at how early it has started and how many people have come in earlier this year than last year,” said Gunn.

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