Starting Monday: Portions of Dickson to be Blocked Off

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Beginning Monday, Jan. 14, two blocks of West Dickson Street will be closed to drivers on weekdays to help ease congestion and make it safer for students on the University of Arkansas campus.

Students will be able to cross the road, but cars won’t be able to cross West Dickson Street from Harmon Avenue to Garland Avenue during designated times.

"The electric sign will be in use as well as permanent signs, which will say that the road will be closed Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. during the week," said Lt. Matt Mills, University of Arkansas police.

Emergency vehicles, Razorback transit buses, approved delivery vehicles, university service vehicles and drivers with university parking permits for adjacent lots will be allowed on that section of Dickson Street during the restricted period.

"I think it needs to be blocked off because this is one of the most congested areas at our university,” one student said. “Cars get backed up all the way down this street because they're so many people crossing right here."

Bicycles will be allowed but scooters and motorcycles are not authorized, the university said.

"During winter break, it would be fully open, during the evenings, on the weekends, and also during the summer, it would be open. It really is just closed to help assist with their construction and just to help control the traffic through there during the pedestrian hours," said Fayetteville City Engineer, Chris Brown.

University officials said they expect some confusion during the first few weeks but they are working to alleviate any issues that could come from this change.

"The first week there will be some physical reminders as well; be it barracades and/or uniformed officers and police cars to enforce the signage issue and to say, this is happening, this is different, we understand that, and that's why we are adding these extra measures this first week," Mills said.

Anyone in violation of the new road rules could be subject to a citation. 

The first day of the Spring semester begins Monday.

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