ATVs Catch Fire at Cabela’s

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Four ATVs caught fire outside the Cabela’s on Promenade Blvd in Rogers Wednesday.

Two fire trucks quickly responded just before noon and began putting out the fire.

The vehicles were parked about 15-20 feet away from the building, Keith Foster with the Rogers Police Department said.

The fire was under control within minutes.

According to Rogers Fire Chief Tom Jenkins it was a mechanical problem that start in an ATV that was test driven an hour before it caught fire.

'It began smoking and that appears to have caused a fire and caught the adjoining ATVs parked on the curb near the fire lane," Jenkins said.

The 100-square-foot building was damaged and no one was injured.

'We had to use a little bit of foam on it," Jenkins said. "There was some fuel that ruptured and got put on the ground."

Cabela’s opened in August.