Creating a Cheerleading Dynasty

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Cheerleading is a year round sport and for the Fayetteville Cheer Squad cheering at football and basketball games is only part of what they do. 

"It's definitely a packed year," said Senior Madison Watkins.  "We start with football then we go into competition.  Football and competition are kind of together.  We work so hard throughout the year and people just don't understand that cheerleading is a year round sport we don't have an off season."

Unlike other sports these athletes don't have a true off-season.  They train hard and often.  All of their hard work has definitely paid off.  Last December the team won the state title.  

"It is so gratifying to have all your hard work pay off," said Junior Logan Dallas.  "You put so many hours into it and spend so much time with the girls."

"There's not a feeling like it, you can't describe it to anyone," said Junior Lauren Latta.  "They won't know what you are talking about until they call your name as first place."

Hearing their name being called for first place wasn't the first time many of these girls have heard that.  The win marked the third straight state championship for the program.  It's tough to win one state title let alone three in a row.   So what's their secret?

"I feel like the reason we have been able to win consecutively is because of our coaches.  They push us so hard and don't let us second guess ourselves." said Dallas.

"We go there to win we aren't there to just have fun," said Watkins. "We are so serious about our sport."

The girls will continue to cheer and train through basketball season as they get ready to try and capture a fourth straight state title.

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