Man Arrested For Ramming Girlfriend’s Truck, Throwing Air Tank

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A Lincoln man faces charges of a handful of felony charges after police said he rammed his girlfriend’s truck with a four wheeler and threw an air tank through her windshield before falling asleep.

Julian Kichline, whom police said has a 2009 conviction for felony battery, was booked into the Washington County Detention Center on Friday night and has a bond of $3,500, according to the Sheriff’s Department website. Kichline, 29, is facing charges of aggravated assault against a family member, first-degree false imprisonment and being a felony in possession of a firearm, the website said.

Washington County sheriff deputies responded to a disturbance call on Highway 170 South on Friday afternoon, and officers found Kelly Wilson, 31, “very frightened” and hiding behind her black Dodge Dakota truck, a preliminary police report said. Officers found a four wheeler rammed into the driver’s side of the truck, which had a shattered front windshield, and there was a red air tank on the ground next to the truck, the report said.

Wilson told officers she was trying to leave when Kichline drove his four wheeler into the truck to prevent her leaving and then threw an air tank through the windshield, the report said. Officers said they found the truck would not start, the report said.

Wilson told deputies Kichline had returned to the house and was probably passed out, the report said. Officers, one of whom said he knew from previous contact that Kichline was not “officer friendly,” went to the house and noticed the front door was open, the report said.

Officers saw two guns in the house in plain view, a shotgun and a rifle, and entered the house to check on Kichline’s welfare, the report said. Deputies found Kichline in the back bedroom, asleep and snoring on the floor, the report said.

Deputies arrrested Kichline and said he smelled strongly of intoxicants and had difficulty walking to the officer’s car, the report said. The report said Wilson became upset and said she did not want Kichline taken to jail.

The report said the shotgun in the residence was missing its trigger and firing pin, but the black–powder rifle appeared to be functional.