The NWA Fencing Center Flourishes

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Fencing is an up and coming sport in the state of Arkansas and for one Northwest Arkansas family it’s a way of bonding.  Laura Kirk and her family opened up the Northwest Arkansas Fencing Center about a year and a half ago. 

The center has been flourishing tremendously since it first opened.  They started out with five fencers now they have nearly 60 fencing members.

Fencing is a great workout that helps improve hand eye coordination as well as reaction time, all the while incorporating the art of sword fighting. 

“It’s just a fabulous sport,” said Executive Director Laura Kirk.  “We are always getting nine year old boys because what nine year old boy wouldn’t want to hit another nine year old boy with a sword.”

Unlike many other sports fencing doesn’t have an age limit, size requirement or body type.  Anyone can start to fence at any point in their life.

“We have kids who have been fencing since they were six years old,” said Eugene Kim.  “In our intro classes we have ages ranging from six to 65.  I’m 23 and I’ve only been fencing for three months, but I love the sport.”

The center offers introductory classes for anyone interested in learning the sport.  The class is six sessions spread out over six weeks.  If you don’t have your own equipment the center provides equipment for the introductory classes.

“We teach people the basics of fencing,” said Maitre d’ Armes Adrian Colcisca.  “Fencing is the type of sport you learn throughout your whole life.  You are only going to get a taste of fencing in the introduction class.”

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