‘Naughty’ Chef: Let Me Feed You

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Renowned chef Blythe Beck will be cooking up sophisticated southern comfort food at MovieLounge in Fort Smith for the next six months.

Chef Beck comes to the River Valley after finding success working in the acclaimed Dallas restaurants Hector's on Henderson and Central 214. She made the jump to the small screen with her own show, "The Naughty Kitchen with Blythe Beck."

She was asked by her longtime friend and MovieLounge owner, Dwight Curry, to bring her culinary expertise to the establishment which offers movies, dining, cocktails and live entertainment.

Chef Beck has another television show in the works and hopes to gain some inspiration in her new kitchen.

"The whole focus has gone from being kind of naughty with the food to really focusing on food and family and philanthropy, and the MovieLounge is the perfect stage for that,” says Beck.

In her bright pink chef's coat and cayenne-red hair color, Chef Beck is on a quest for total world culinary domination.

“I have always had this vision of going out into the world and hearing people’s stories and connecting through food,” said Beck.

She says she'll incorporate fresh fish, different cuts of meats, and locally grown herbs and vegetables into the MovieLounge menu.

While Beck is passionate about her culinary journey, for now, she's just excited to be living and working in the River Valley.

"Right now, MovieLounge is my home," said Beck. "Fort Smith is my home, and this is where I’m going to be for the next six months so come see me. Let me feed you.”