CrossFit: A Unique Workout

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The definition of CrossFit is simple; constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements.  While the definition is simple CrossFit Fayetteville owner Hiedi Hoffman believes there is so much more to the training then the physical aspect. 

“Be functional and be healthy in all realms of life,” said Hiedi Hoffman.  “We build confidence. We have people who can’t even squat into a chair and we bring them down to get into a functional squat.”

Every pull up that is done and every weight that is lifted has a purpose. For some members of the gym in Fayetteville CrossFit has changed their life for the better.

“I’ve gone up about 100lbs in several lifts,” said Charles Edwards. “I’ve lost about 15-20 pounds in fat.”

“I was in graduate school when I was diagnosed with thyroid disease,” said Tiffany Schumpert.  “I needed to get control of that.  Through CrossFit I was able to decrease all of my medicines and I am no longer per-diabetic.”

The hours you put in at the gym working out are very important in improving your overall health, but what you do out of the gym is important as well.  CrossFit is a lifestyle. 

“We are taught here to strive to be better and to better ourselves,” Said Courtney “Eating better and motivating yourself to come every day is important.  Everyone here is here to encourage one another to be better, it’s a big community where everyone loves and cheers for one another.”

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