LIVE BLOG: Tuesday’s Severe Storms

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Severe storms are expected by early afternoon with a threat of damaging winds and possible tornadoes.

Alicia Agent January 29, 20134:28 pm

OZARKS ELECTRIC: As a line of severe thunderstorms have moved through the area, Ozarks Electric members to the east of Fayetteville are experiencing power outages. Currently 846 consumers are without power and three crews are in the field to determine the cause. There have been reports from the field of possible tornado activity.

Additional crews have been dispatched to the area to restore power.
Updates will be sent as details become available.

Alicia Agent January 29, 20134:27 pm


Emergency crews responding to report of severe roof damage to home in Elkins

Alicia Agent January 29, 20133:45 pm

Joe checks out some storm damage in Crawford County

Alicia Agent January 29, 20133:45 pm

Damage in Natural Dam from Sandra Murphy

Alicia Agent January 29, 20133:45 pm


The Springdale School District has now released its students and buses, after the area’s tornado warning expired

Alicia Agent January 29, 20133:17 pm

Tornado warning for Crawford County cancelled

Alicia Agent January 29, 20133:16 pm


Cedarville students are being kept in school until at least 3:45 p.m. They are taking shelter, according to teachers.

Alicia Agent January 29, 20133:12 pm

Tyler Southard-5NEWS Meteorologist
Reports of tornado on the ground near HWY 59 Near Natural Dam near the Forestry Station.

Alicia Agent January 29, 20133:11 pm

Area of current TORNADO WARNING

Alicia Agent January 29, 20133:11 pm

Prairie Grove Police Department: Due to tornado warning, PG schools are holding children inside the buildings until warning is lifted.

Alicia Agent January 29, 20133:09 pm

Alicia Agent January 29, 20133:07 pm

Garrett tracking a tornado heading toward Devils Den.

Alicia Agent January 29, 20133:07 pm

Watch live streaming severe weather coverage on our website

Rick Bagley January 29, 20132:56 pm

Tornado warning for Washington, Crawford and Sequoyah Co.

Garrett Lewis January 29, 20132:47 pm

Cell in Sequoyah is spinning, would not be surprised to see a Tornado Warning eventually.

Alicia Agent January 29, 20132:38 pm

Rain is coming down in Siloam Springs. Allison Woods will have a report on 5NEWS at 5 & 6

Alicia Agent January 29, 20132:36 pm

Dark skies in Poteau

Garrett Lewis January 29, 20131:41 pm

The stronger storms are expected to develop in Oklahoma and move into east. The reason the storms aren’t severe right now is because the strongest upper level winds haven’t moved over the area. Also, as the line of storms develops out west will intensify as the cold, air-cooled air congeals into a cold pool of air and moves east.

Would expect intensity to increase in the next few hours.

Alicia Agent January 29, 20131:31 pm

Garrett outlines today’s tornado threat area.

Alicia Agent January 29, 20131:28 pm

Be informed. Make a plan. Build a kit. Great info from FEMA on how to respond to storms and tornadoes:

Rick Bagley January 29, 20131:18 pm

@5NEWSJoe: Getting set up now to go live with @5NEWSGarrett & @5NEWSTyler from Sallisaw. Watching a storm headed this way

Garrett Lewis January 29, 201312:53 pm

Muskogee Co cell does show some rotation, not much else going on at the moment

Rick Bagley January 29, 201312:48 pm

@5NEWSJoe West bound on I-40 with @5newsrobby to intercept storm headed into Arkansas. Live updates coming up.

Garrett Lewis January 29, 201312:13 pm

Watching the area in SE Oklahoma close… upper level jet max moving into the region should destabilize the atmosphere more and likely lead to a few rotating storms .

Joe Pennington January 29, 201311:11 am

New Tornado Watch that now puts the entire area under a watch until mid to late afternoon. SE Oklahoma into western Arkansas will be under the greatest threat of tornadoes.

Joe Pennington January 29, 201310:46 am

The “MODERATE RISK” area has shifted back to the west to now include most of western Arkansas the parts of eastern OK. This is an area that will see an enhanced risk of severe weather and tornadoes.

Joe Pennington January 29, 201310:06 am

There is an increasing chance that new storms will develop in SE OK over the next hour or 2. Here are a few reasons why we think we could see an increase in storms and an increased tornado potential.

There is a good amount of forcing in the atmosphere in north Texas and that should help the storms form.

Instability, the “fuel” storm will need is also increasing across SE OK. At the same time, the “lid” in the atmosphere is starting to weaken that will allow storm to grow.

The low level wind fields will be supportive of rotation.

Joe Pennington January 29, 20139:49 am

We have been watching for the possibility of storm firing ahead of the main line. That look to be happening now. The SPC will likely issue a new tornado watch for SE Ok and the River Valley. The tornado threat with these storms will increase throughout the late morning into the early afternoon.

Joe Pennington January 29, 20139:25 am

70mph wind gust reported north of Tulsa.

Joe Pennington January 29, 20138:22 am

Another model, the RPM, also shows additional storms developing ahead of the main line in eastern OK around 10-11AM.

Joe Pennington January 29, 20138:17 am

One rapid update model that we look at is showing the possibility of more storms forming ahead of the main line this morning across eastern OK shortly before noon. If these storms form, they could become severe.

Joe Pennington January 29, 20138:04 am

The Oklahoma Mesonet is picking up on gusty winds within the storms that are moving through northern Oklahoma. 40-50 MPH winds. Elsewhere gusty south winds continue ahead of the storms in eastern OK.

Joe Pennington January 29, 20138:00 am

Getting the first look at what the atmosphere looks like over NWA. This is a sounding from Springfield, MO. The atmosphere looks similar over NWA. On the right side of the screen I’ve highlighted what the winds looks like, and there are turning with height…in other words there are winds that are spinning at you go up in the sky. This could lead to brief tornadoes along the leading edge of the storms.

Joe Pennington January 29, 20137:49 am

Instability is starting to increasing across eastern OK and parts of NWA. There is also plenty of low level wind shear present. These 2 factors will increase the severe weather potential of the storms that will move in later this morning and early afternoon.

Joe Pennington January 29, 20137:33 am

Tornado Watch until 3PM

Joe Pennington January 29, 20136:55 am

Getting the first storm spotter reports near OKC. Wind gust clocked at 65MPH northwest of OKC.

Joe Pennington January 29, 20136:32 am

Storms are starting to become better organized to our west this morning around OKC. Individual storms are moving to the northeast, but the line in moving east.

Joe Pennington January 29, 20135:43 am

The latest run of the RPM model shows the possibility of a few storms developing ahead of the main line late this morning.

Joe Pennington January 29, 20135:23 am

One thing that I am keeping an eye on is low-level wind shear. The 0-3km shear is high in our area, and that has me concerned for the possibility of quick spin up tornadoes along the leading edge of the squall line.

Joe Pennington January 29, 20135:06 am

The first tornado watch of the day has been issued to our west. of parts of central and western Oklahoma.

Joe Pennington January 29, 20133:57 am

4AM Update: We are watching storms developing to the west this morning from northwest of Tulsa back into western Oklahoma. These storms will continue to build and intensify throughout the morning as they track our way.

The entire area is under the threat of severe weather, with the eastern River Valley under an enhanced risk of severe weather. The red color is a moderate risk and it is issued rarely during the winter months.