Are Your Children Playing with Predators?

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Could cyber strangers be preying on your kids?

With more children skipping the neighborhood park for digital playgrounds, the risk of an online predator communicating with children through social media and interactive games has increased, according to a report from our sister station KFOR.

Lance West with KFOR, along with the Oklahoma City Police Department, takes a look at anonymous gamers who could put your children at risk.

Attorney Generals throughout the nation advise parents to choose games that are age-appropriate; use game console’s parental controls, keep the console in a public area of the home and talk to kids about protecting identifying information.

Experts offer these suggestions:

  • Bond with your kids, even if you’re not a fan of those video games.
  • Don’t be afraid to spy.
  • See who is on your child’s friend list.
  • Teach them online safety, to be aware of those dangers and report them immediately.
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