Police Outside Greenwood HS After Rumored Threat

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Friday morning Greenwood police officers stood outside entrances at the city's high school following up on a potential threat made the day before.

Chief Will Dawson said the force is standing by for security, following up on a troubled student who told another not to come to school tomorrow.

Chief Dawson said that student was expelled.

Thursday rumors spread that the high school was on lockdown. Shortly after, Greenwood Police posted the following statement on their Facebook page:

"Rumors going around a school is in lockdown. This is NOT true. Spoke to the schools and everything is fine according to them."

Parents posted responses to the status, some thanking the department for the information, but others remained worried. The Greenwood Police commented again:

"No gun. No reported threats."

Chief Dawson did say Miss Arkansas, Sloane Roberts, is at the high school speaking today. He said he doesn't believe the potential threat was related to her appearance.

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