Teens Rescued After Vehicle Gets Stuck in River

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A swift water rescue team rescued two teens trapped in a vehicle after it got stuck in the Mulberry River in Franklin County Monday morning.

The two teens, both 16, tried drive across the water near Beneux Bottom Road, just a few miles off Highway 215 when water began rushing into the vehicle, according to Sheriff Anthony Boen.

"We didn't think it was going to be a problem until we got a little bit out there,"  Braylin Satterfield, who was driving the truck, said. "The truck started slowing down, the tires started spinning. And then we were kind of a little bit worried but we were almost halfway there already so we just kept going."

Once they knew they were stuck, they climbed out on top of the truck and called Satterfield's dad for help.

"Took him a while to get down here," Satterfield explained. "While he was on his way down here, we tried to start the truck up and drive out but we just got stuck worse."

"We started it, the truck, three or four times probably and then we were digging some ruts," Anderson said. "Everytime we tried to go backwards we would turn more and more and then we just dug ourselves some ruts and we were stuck there."

The teenagers told 5NEWS they cross the creek all of the time in order to get to a dirt road on the other side.

"We came through here last night and it wasnt even near this high," Seth Anderson, who was riding in the car, said. "I don't know what happened. Then we came through here and we were like 'let's go through here, alright.' And then this happens. We went through here two or three times yesterday."

The teens got on top of the truck and used a cell phone to call one of their fathers, according to Boen.

"While [my dad] was on his way down here we tried to start the truck up and drive out but we just got stuck worse," Satterfield explained.

Satterfield told 5NEWS someone driving by saw them and called police. A swift water rescue team and several law enforcement agencies worked together to pull the truck out of the creek. Rescuers managed to tow the vehicle out of the water shortly after noon.

Neither teen was injured.

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