What to Do When Your Kid Falls in Love

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Forget Halloween, several parents agree Valentine’s Day is a scary time.  It’s not the cost; it’s what to do when their “Little Angel” becomes a “Little Romeo.”

It’s an issue all too common for Fort Smith Child Counselor Erica Hutchison.  She offered her insight on the issue.

She recommends parents remain open about romance with their kids.  Hutchison also says acknowledging that a sweetheart is special to your kids helps establish trust among kids.

“Kids want to have their feelings validated like everyone else,” said Hutchison.

The younger a child is the scarier it seems to be.  Your child may not even be old enough to drive, but may still say they’ve found true love.  Hutchison recommends not brushing kids aside and saying they’re too young to understand love.  This can be troublesome, because the feelings of attraction are real for them, despite their age.

Some parents may feel overly compelled to get involved with their young ones love life.  Hutchison advises against this, arguing its best for parents to remain neutral and let the child work it out for themselves.  She says parents should only get involved in the situation if they feel like their child could engage in some risky or dangerous behavior.  While this method may cause your child to experience heartbreak, this is a learning opportunity and it will help better prepare them in their adult dating life.

As for gift buying, Hutchison recommends parents do what they’re comfortable with.  While some parents may feel comfortable taking kids shopping to pick out roses or a little jewelry gift for their sweetheart, others may prefer to have their kids get a homemade gift or a simple valentine’s card.

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