5NEWS Winter Weather Closing Policy

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

When severe weather moves into our area, 5NEWS will keep you informed on-air, on the go with 5NEWSonline.com and on our social media platforms.

If you need to list a school closing please call the newsroom at (479) 783-1191, and confirm your closing with your password. If you need a password please call during normal business hours and we will set up your account. For school closings click here.

Due to the advancements in social media 5NEWS has revised its policy regarding reporting closings on TV.

Closing we will list on TV:

  • K-12 Schools & Colleges (public & private)
  • Major Businesses (large employers, county courthouses & agencies, public offices, etc.)
  • Road Closings and Public Safety Information
  • Cancellations of Major Events
  • Other Items, at our editorial discretion


If we are unable to list your closing based on the criteria above, we will list your closing on 5NEWSonline.com and on our 5NEWS Mobil Apps.  To submit or view a business closing online, click here.

We will no longer list closings for daycares on TV.  We recommend that daycares consider following the decision of the local school system in your area, and communicate that information in advance to your clients and staff.  Also, we will not list small businesses, doctor’s offices, churches or cancellations of small group meetings on TV.

If we don’t implement limits on TV, the number of closings quickly becomes too large to be effective on-air when severe weather happens.  We appreciate your understanding and we welcome questions and feedback to our policy.  Please email us at news@kfsm.com