Bee Colony Makes Channel 5 Home

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We have a colony of bees at the 5NEWS studios in Fort Smith. The bees have been here since last summer, but have to be removed.

“I recommended that we wait when the numbers were quite smaller, which they are now,” said Doug Lively, a beekeeper. “It’s a good time of year.

Experts say honey bees across the world are disappearing for several reasons, including pesticides and a special kind of mite.


“We rely on the honeybee for a third of the food that we eat and if the honeybee disappears then we can kiss a third of our food supply goodbye,” said Lively.

Lively will remove the bees Friday morning. “We’ll try to save the queen out of this colony and if we can get some three day old eggs or newer we can hatch out some new queens,” he said.

Lively says if you see a swarm in your area, call the police department or a local beekeeper.

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