Last Minute Rush For Romance

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Valentine's Day: It's usually a mad dash for men to pick up bouquets of flowers, chocolates and teddy bears. In the River Valley, it had hundreds of people rushing to pick up chocolate treats for that someone special at Kopper Kettle Candies.

"Well right after Christmas is when we get our heart boxes and that's also when we start our big production on candy," explained owner Berry Ann Greer. "We try to get enough made to where we can make it through Valentine's Day without really running out of any type of candy. So far this year it looks like we've done a good job."

With all of the candy already made and out on display, the last-minute shoppers just had to pick out which chocolates they wanted to give to their sweethearts.

Mike Spencer said Kopper Kettle Candies is a must for his wife and grand-daughter every Valentine's Day.

"Well they enjoy it," said Spencer. "They love it. Like I said, I've been coming here for the last several years."

Even though it's not the only thing these customers had up their sleeves, they say it's always a favorite.

"I've got a few other things," said customer Charles Crook. "But this is the special one. This is the one everyone always looks forward to."

Greer said Valentine's Day is the second biggest holiday for Kopper Kettle Candies.

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