Two Fayetteville Bridges Could Lose Historic Status

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5NEWS Reporter Christine Whitten explains that two Fayetteville bridges, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, are slowly falling apart.

The city must make costly repairs to preserve the Maple Street and Lafayette Street bridges.

What many people don't know is if the two bridges aren't fixed, their historic landmark status could be taken away.

Because the two bridges are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, they must be properly maintained while still staying true to their original form that got them on the list, or they will lose their historic distinction.

Fayetteville aldermen started talking about some plans to renovate back in 2011, when they approved a project to renovate the bridges.

It should cost around $1.4 million to make these bridge repairs.

Federal aid and money from the city's transportation improvement bond program should cover the renovations.

The city is now in the design phase of the bridge renovation plans.

Tuesday, the Fayetteville City Council is set to decide on whether to approve a $279,000 contract with McCelland Consulting Engineers Inc. of Fayetteville.