5NEWS Fit: The 100 Mile Club

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When you were in fifth grade, do you think you could have run 100 miles in just a school year?

A local teacher's passion for running is helping students sprint straight toward the finish line in this 5NEWS Fit.

Marsha Pippin teaches fifth grade language arts at Charleston Middle School, but it's what she's doing outside of the classroom that's really taking off this year.

"Running laps doesn't sound fun, around anything to a lot of people, but when they do it all together that makes all the difference," said Mrs. Pippin.

Mrs. Pippin says she searched for an activity to help get students active. She found a teacher in California doing the 100 Mile Club. Since she loves to run, it was a perfect fit.

"The 100 Mile Club is kind of to get you in shape and be with your friends," said student Kalen Forest.

"It's fun because we have our friends with us, and our teacher always encourages us," said student Minnie Lee.

Mrs. Pippin says the 100 Mile Club is an incentive program. Kids pay $10 to sign up and run 100 miles throughout the school year. They get rewards each step of the way.

"You run and if you get 25 miles, you get your t-shirt," said student Maddie Loughridge.

Mrs. Pippin says it isn’t only about an active lifestyle, but achieving goals. It’s alright to walk, but you have to keep pushing forward.

"I try to teach them pace, not race," said Mrs. Pippin.

"The more you set goals and achieve them, the more it's going to help you with life and setting goals, and working as hard as you can to achieve them," said student Noah Ketter.

These students are running rain or shine.

"Sometimes when it's warm, we run at the football field, and when it's raining and stuff, we run in the gym," said student Ian Gully.

They’re giving up recess and even staying after school to sprint toward their goals.

"I go out front and there's a line of cars, of these parents, waiting to pick up these sweaty little children who have been running," laughed Mrs. Pippin.

Mrs. Pippin runs right along with her students.

There will be an awards assembly for the 100 Mile Club at the end of the year. Since it began this semester, they’re only shooting to accomplish 50 miles.