Huntsville’s Charles Berry is a Coaching Legend

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Huntsville Head Girls' Basketball Coach Charles Berry has been coaching basketball for 52 years.  Forty-five of those years have been at Huntsville.  He has gathered 1,342 wins, two state championships, countless conference championships, and in 2007 was named National Coach of the Year.

Coach Berry grew up in Huntsville and played college basketball at Arkansas Tech.  He returned to Huntsville to coach in 1968 and couldn't imagine being anywhere else.

"I just love this place," said Coach Berry.  "I have never had any ambition to go anywhere else.  I loved growing up here, I love the community.  I want to finish the rest of my life here."

Coach Berry is a legend to the city of Huntsville.  He has an entire section of the gym dedicated to his accomplishments.

"That feels great," Said Berry.  "I think people really appreciate what I have done here."

They appreciate him because he appreciates them.  While the wins and championships Coach Berry has given Huntsville are important it's what he does off the court and how he influences his athletes that makes him a truly remarkable coach.

"He's always postive and always wants the best for these kids," said Assistant Coach Christi Sone.  "Anything they need he's there for him."

"If we need something paid for like a camp he will pull money out of his own wallet just so we can go to camp," said Senior Rose Robinson.  "It's so much more then just coaching."

"He is such a huge part of everything," said Senior Sydney Striplin. "He helps not only with school and basketball but with college."

Rumors swirl every year that Coach Berry may be retiring, but rest easy he doesn't plan on going anywhere soon.

Coach Berry and his team headed to Pine Bluff, Arkansas Tuesday afternoon for the state tournament.  There first game Wednesday at 1:00pm.  The team has high hopes of claiming another state title.