Police: Man Pulls Gun on Kids Who Threw Snowballs at Him

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An Oklahoma man is arrested after police say he shot a high powered airsoft gun at kids for throwing snowballs at him, according to our Oklahoma City affiliate KFOR.

The incident occurred in Caddo County, Oklahoma Tuesday.

Authorities say Jeremy Whisman fired the gun during a snow ball fight with a group of neighborhood kids.

While none of the children were hurt prosecutors argue that if one pellet had gone a matter of inches away it would’ve hit a child’s eye. That’s why prosecutors pressed charges against the man after the incident.

“That's going too far. You're talking about a 25 year old full grown adult male and a group of 11 and 13 year olds...armed with snowballs,” said Caddo County Assistant District Attorney James Walters.

Whisman's girlfriend has a different recollection of the story though.

She says Whisman fired the gun to chase off kids he says were beating up her son.

“He wasn't planning on hurting anybody, so I think it's really excessive that they're trying to charge him with a felony.”

She argues her kids play with the guns all the time, saying an airsoft gun couldn’t hurt someone unless they were deliberately shot in the eye. Whisman’s girlfriend says they didn't even need a license for the gun, saying they bought the airsoft gun used in the incident at Walmart for $20.

As for Jeremy Whisman, he is currently behind bars charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Police say although Whisman was allegedly using an airsoft gun it is still considered a felony.