Three Men Arrested in Poteau Meth Bust

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Wheston Jones, Samuel Jones, Octavio Guiterrez

Police arrested a three men during a methamphetamine bust in Poteau Thursday (Feb. 28.)

Officers served a search warrant at 112 Teakwood. Authorities say they then arrested three men who were inside the home.

Octavio Guiterrez was arrested on two counts of conspiring to traffic methamphetamine, one count of traffic methamphetamine and one count of unlawful delivery of methamphetamine.

Wheston Jones, 23, and Samuel Jones, 21, were also arrested. Both men were taken into custody on one count of possession of a controlled dangerous substance and  one count of possession of drug paraphernalia.

The arrest comes after an 8-month undercover investigation by the Poteau Police Department, Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and the District 16 Drug Task Force.

Undercover officers had been buying the drugs from a drug trafficker in the Poteau area since about July, according to authorities.

No bonds will be set for any of the three men until Friday afternoon, according to authorities.