Student Faces 1-Year Expulsion After Bringing Airsoft Gun To School

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A Bentonville student faces the possibility of a one-year expulsion after bringing an airsoft gun to school earlier this week, according to the Bentonville School District.

The third-grade student brought an airsoft pellet gun to Thomas Jefferson Elementary on Monday. A teacher discovered the gun and notified administrators, said Mary Ley, a spokeswoman for the school district.

The student was automatically expelled from school for 10 days, after which an appeals hearing will be held to determine whether a student should face the state standard of a one-year expulsion for bringing a gun to school, Ley said.

The incident marks the third time in the last month a Bentonville student has brought a gun to school, Ley said. No one was injured in any of the incidents.

An eighth-grade student at Bentonville’s Washington Junior High School brought an air soft gun to the school with the purpose of selling it to another student in February, according to the school district. A few weeks earlier, a student brought a BB gun to Mary Jones Elementary School, Ley said.

The students involved in those two incidents had their recommended expulsions overturned by Superintendent Michael Poore following an appeals hearing, Ley said.