Student Faces Charges After Threatening Classmates

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A middle school student in the River Valley will soon face felony charges, according to authorities. That's after she passed a pretty scary note to a classmate Thursday at Mansfield Middle School, police said.

"[Thursday], we had a young lady come to her locker and she found a note that was inside of her locker that stated that at 10:30 [Friday] morning that most of the kids would be killed in our school," Michael Smith, with Mansfield Police, said.

The threat had police, and school administrators on high alert. However, few details are being released.

Police did say that they worked with the school, trying to figure out who wrote the note both Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. At the same time, police were patrolling the campus, making sure students stayed safe and that the threat didn't turn deadly.

School administrators also contacted parents twice Thursday, through email and text alerts, letting them know that a threat had been made.

Less than half of the school's student body came to classes on Friday, according to police.

"I was shocked," Betsy Rush, whose children attend school in Mansfield, said. "I mean, my reaction was just this is not supposed to happen here. Not in this town. This is a small town. I grew up here. You know, a thousand people.  But, you never know."

"It makes you stop and think that it actually could happen here,"  Smith said.

At the end of the day, there was no gun found and no shots were fired.

Mansfield Police Chief Boyd Farmer said the student who wrote the note did confess. They are not holding her in custody, but did say she will face felony charges, according to Farmer.

5NEWS made contact with school administrators, but they declined to comment until the investigation is over.