Police: Man Tried to Silence Woman With Officer At Door

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A Fayetteville man is facing a felony third-degree domestic battery charge after a police officer responding to a disturbance call said he found the man holding his girlfriend down with his hand covering her mouth.

Lyndon Nesbitt, 30, was booked into the Washington County Detention Center shortly after 8 a.m. Sunday morning and has a bond of $7,500, according to the Sheriff’s Department website. Nesbitt has a April 10 court date.

A preliminary police report said a Fayetteville police officer responded to a disturbance in progress call at an apartment at approximately 12:56 a.m. Sunday morning on South Government Avenue. When the officer arrived, he said he heard a woman yelling loudly and he knocked on the door and announced his identity, the report said.

The officer said the yelling immediately stopped but no one came to the door as he had instructed, the report said. The officer knocked and announced himself several more times and, when he received no response, he made a forced-entry into the residence, the report said.

A man, identified as Nesbitt, was on the floor restraining a woman and covering her mouth with his hand, the report said. The officer separated Nesbitt from the woman and saw that the woman’s lips were bleeding from her mouth being held closed, the report said.

The woman told the officer the couple had had an argument earlier that other officers had previously responded to, the report said. The woman told police that when the couple returned home, the argument became physical and Nesbitt struck her in the face, the report said.

The officer said the woman had a welt above her left eye, the report said. The report said Nesbitt was convicted of felony third-degree domestic battery in June 2008.