Rockwell Exhibition’s First Weekend A Success

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More than 3,000 people saw the works of Norman Rockwell on the first day they were displayed in an exhibit at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art this weekend.

The museum will be home to Norman Rockwell’s works of art for three months.

"I've always been a Norman Rockwell fan, so I couldn't miss it,” Danni Manning, from Little Rock, said.

Rockwell is one of the most popular American artists of the past century.

"He was just so great,” Manning said. “Every little detail in his paintings are just unbelievable."

Rockwell’s 50 original paintings and 323 Saturday Evening Post Covers are on display.

“You have to really sit in front of one just to get even half of what is going on in the paintings," said Brandi Overton, from Bentonville.

Overton said it’s like walking through an important part of U.S. history.

"It's just incredible to see basically our country's history in paintings all the way through and the different eras in time,” Overton said.

Some visitors expressed that the gallery was an emotional roller coaster.

"I think some of his paintings so accurately portray human emotion that it's hard not to cry," said Linda Tammen, who lives near the Chicago area.

Famous paintings are showcased such as Rosie the Riveter and the depiction of the young African American girl Ruby Bridges being escorted to school by federal marshals.

"To see his paintings about the Civil Rights movements were particularly moving," Tammen said.

Crystal Bridges offers an audio tour with this exhibition.

"You have to see it, you just have to,” said Karen Kraszewski, from Bella Vista.  “This man was remarkable, he was so talented."

The exhibition will be available until May 27th. Tickets are $12. It’s free to members and anyone under 18 years of age. Tickets must be reserved in advance.