Westboro Baptist Church Neighbor Paints Gay Pride Colors on Home

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Equality House | Rob Low

The controversial Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan., has a new neighbor who is ready to challenge their “God hates fags” slogan with a few coats of paint.

Aaron Jackson, a humanitarian who helped found Planting Peace, a charity that has in the past assisted orphanages, rainforests and helped with deworming programs, bought a house located across from the church six months ago, according to a report from our sister station WDAF in Kansas City, Mo.

Jackson and a team of volunteers decided to paint the colors of the gay pride flag on the house located across from the church Tuesday (March 19).

He says the response from the community to what’s been dubbed “Equality House” has been positive.

“People keep coming out, honking horns, taking pictures,” he said. “There has been no negative response.”

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