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Can anyone do Crossfit? We were looking for answers in this 5NEWS Fit.

It may be intimidating to try new things, especially when it looks like only hardcore athletes can get the job done, but you may be surprised at how well you can do in a program.

Lauri Hales has been working out at Crossfit 413 in Fort Smith for two and a half years.

"I never really pushed myself, so I thought well, going to see what its like,” said Hales. “Walked in the door and I haven't hardly missed."

It isn’t your average exercise routine.

"I'm stronger than I've ever been in my life probably," said Dana Moore.

But Crossfit is pushing people to reach new goals.

"It's made me stronger, not only physically, but mentally," said Moore. "It's kept me motivated to do a regular workout. I’ve got a group of people here every day that miss me if I don't show up."

You've probably heard of Crossfit. The strength and conditioning program champions use that’s physically demanding. You push your limits on things like pull ups, burpees, and the dead lift.

We asked 413 Owner Daniel Lunney if just anyone can really do the grueling workout.

"We have people from ages 14 all the way up to 60 plus that do it," says Lunney.

He says it’s all about modifying the workout. You’ll start out in an elements program to learn the movements and mechanics of the class. Then you’ll begin adding weights and reps once you properly know how to do the moves and get stronger.

"When they first started, they couldn't imagine how strong they've gotten," said Lunney.

And ladies, packing on the weights doesn’t necessarily mean bulk.

"As far as size, I'm about the same,” said Hales. “I'm a lot more lean."

You can guarantee you’ll gain muscle.

"We do a lot of Olympic weight lifting and barbell movement," said Lunney.

Crossfit also encourages you to eat healthy.

"If it rots, it's usually going to be something you can eat, obviously before it rots, but just good clean single ingredient foods," said Lunney.

“Just walk in the door, have an open mind, and know that you're going to get a good workout," said Hales.

There are Crossfit locations across our area and the United States.  It’s even international. You can find more on Crossfit 413 in Fort Smith by clicking HERE.

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