Eye Balls Found in Gas Station Trash Likey Pig’s

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Surveillance image courtesy WDAF

A set of eyeballs was found at a Kansas City, Mo., gas station and now police say they likely don’t belong to a human.

Conoco employees called authorities after finding a cardboard box with a medical cooler inside a trash can at the Conoco around 8:30 p.m. Wednesday (March 27), according to a report from WDAF.

On the box were the words “keep refrigerated.” Inside the cooler was ice and a sealed package containing the set of eyes.

Kansas City, Mo., police tweeted Thursday afternoon, saying the eyes are likely that of a pig and that no crime was committed. Click here to read more from FOX4kc.com

Police are using the surveillance video below to help try to identify who may have left the cooler there. (Note: no audio with video)