Local Man Inducted into National Wrestling Hall of Fame

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Randy Steen has been involved with wrestling for the last 43 years and earlier this month he received one of the highest wrestling honors.  Steen was inducted to the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.

"To get your name engraved down in Stillwater, Oklahoma where people go the National Hall of Fame is quite an honor," said Randy Steen.

Randy Steen has been involved with wrestling since the 8th grade.  He wrestled for four years in high school and lettered three years at Southwest Missouri State University.

After graduating college Steen began coaching and officiating. Steen has played a vital role in the growth of Arkansas wrestling since it was sanctioned as a high school sport in 2008.  He spent three years coaching at Rogers Heritage, where he led the Eagles to a State Championship.

For 43 years he has dedicated his life to the sport of wrestling.  The wrestling world is extremely appreciative of him, but he is also appreciative of it.

"Wrestling has always given me an opportunity to seek employment, to help young kids and to see the world for myself," said Steen.  "I owe a lot to the sport of wrestling."

While being inducted to the National Wrestling Hall of Fame was the honor of a lifetime, it was the response he received after being inducted that Steen will remember most.

"I got phone calls and messages from kids I coached 30 years ago," said Steen.  "Kids I forgot from thirty years ago that are now adults called to congratulate me that was kind of neat and a huge honor."