Coplink Software Will Help Benton County Sheriff’s Office Catch Criminals

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Technology that you see catching criminals on crime shows like C-S-I will soon be coming to the Benton County Sheriff’s Office.

The Benton County Quorum Court voted Thursday night to apply for a federal grant that will bring Coplink to the Benton County Sheriff’s Office. Cool name, serious software.

Crime analyst Rick Keyes says Coplink will allow the sheriff’s office to tap into information that wasn't previously available to them. "We can connect to other Coplink nodes so for example the entire state of Missouri is in Coplink," said Keyes. "We can start accessing Missouri data. The entire state of Louisiana is on Coplink they just put theirs up, all of Texas is. Oklahoma is moving that direction."

The Benton County Sheriff’s Office will be the first department in the state of Arkansas using the software. Police work that would previously have been completed in hours will now take minutes.

Bad news for bad guys according to Captain Brandon Rogers. "It will allow us to tie criminals together, it will allow us to associate them with vehicles, houses," said Rogers.

Coplink is so advanced it will allow members of the Benton County Sheriff's Office to have facial recognition software on their phones so law enforcement can identify suspects faster.

"As fast as we can enter the information or as fast as we can have our crime analysts enter the information we'll get results," said Captain Brandon Rogers.

Coplink is creating some very impressive results. Law enforcement across the state of California is already utilizing the software. A bank robbery suspect found out first hand how effective Coplink can be..

"They had a partial ID on the suspect. They entered that information into Coplink and there were police waiting for him at his house 45 minutes later," Keyes said enthusiastically.

Keyes says Coplink will help the Benton County Sheriff’s Office catch criminals faster, which should lead to fewer crimes in the county, "It will allow us to do our jobs better and faster."

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